Conductive Silicon

The Silicone Electrode is used in electrotherapy devices. The electrodes transfer electrical energy from a particular device to the patient’s skin, composing the interface that transmits the electric current through the patient’s skin.

For its use, a conductive gel is required to facilitate passage of the electric current so that it provides conductivity and is simultaneously flexible to shape the area to be treated.


DURABILITY OF SILICONE RUBBER ELECTRODES: Wear and tear with the time of use of the silicone electrodes is normal. A worn electrode will lose homogeneity of conduction to the electric current, giving the feeling that the device is weak.
There may also be the formation of electrical conduction points, where the current density will be very high, which may cause an uncomfortable sensation to the patient. Replace the silicone electrodes at least every six months, even if not used, or even monthly in case of heavy use. When cracking appears, the electrode should be replaced immediately.

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